The Farm

At Junee Kids all environments are meticulously designed for enriched learning opportunities. Each learning environment is equipped with furniture specifically designed for Early Childhood settings to ensure that they are practical and comfortable for the children and educators. Our educators will be working closely with all the children to establish learning environments which reflect each child’s interest and culture so that they can feel a sense of belonging. With rooms full of natural materials, the children will have access to learning tools and materials which will enhance their learning and give opportunities for multiple provocations daily. Our yards are spacious and rich with opportunities for climbing, exploring, and developing gross motor skills. With Natural materials skewed across our service the children can enjoy natural textures, colours and landscapes which represent their world.  We are excited to offer play spaces which include Sandpits with rock edging, wooden balance beams, grassed areas, climbing hills, a variety of plants, cubbies, and fixed wooden art easels. The yards will also include water features which the children will be able use in play.

Our Farm:
Junee Kids are lucky enough to have a spacious farm area at the back of the facility which will be full of learning opportunities and exposure to self-sufficient gardening, raising animals and learning about sustainability. Through collecting rainwater for the gardens, establishing worm farms and compost areas the children will be immersed in the farming project and will all work together to maintain the beautiful space at their fingertips.