Our Philosophy

Here at Junee Kids Early Learning we believe that exposure to a natural environment is fundamental in creating a respectful relationship with the land and building confident advocates for a sustainable future. Having an artfully designed and sustainable outdoor environment constructs a multifaceted tool that supports children’s anatomy over their learning and development.

We believe it is imperative to create respectful and welcoming relationships with families and our wider community and value input that support children’s learning and development. Supporting an open channel to liaise and collaborate with our local community services, schools and business’ assist in enriching learning opportunities for our children and embed respectful and valued lifelong skills.

At Junee Kids we acknowledge that families are the child’s most influential teachers and entrust that we are able to create a holistic partnership that is based on mutual respect and will ensure a positive and seamless transition to our learning environment. It is through these strong, respectful relationships that we are able to build our knowledge of each child’s individual strengths, values and interests, and use these to create a learning program reflective of the children’s developmental journey.

We recognize that child and staff physical and mental well-being is vital to a harmonious and positive learning environment. Here at Junee Kids, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and regularly embed strategies to promote healthy mental and physical well-being and foster both the children and staff’s positive self-worth and individual growth. Applying a holistic approach towards wellness and wellbeing develops the ability to cope with life stressors, builds resilience and a positive self-image.

Strongly guided by The Early Years Learning Frameworks (EYLF), Junee Kids instills all aspects of the National learning curriculum, along with a multitude of theorists and the National Quality Standards throughout our program and practice. These documents support an ongoing cycle of reflective, intentional, and spontaneous experiences that aim to facilitate children with the tools to progress toward positive outcomes in different and equally meaningful ways.

Here at Junee Kids, we believe in the importance of critical reflection and ongoing professional development. As early childhood educators, we strive for continuous improvement as we have a strong passion and love for learning. With years of experience throughout our team, sharing our skills, experiences and knowledge enables us to inspire and mentor students on the pathway toward their early childhood career.

We recognise that diversity is a major contributor in enriching our society and therefore aspire to create a supportive and receptive environment that welcomes all cultures, values, beliefs and abilities that will allow both children and staff at Junee Kids to explore and grow together. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and elders will enhance our overall understanding, and how we can respect the land in which we learn, grow and play.