Junee Kids Philosophies

At Junee Kids we value that your child’s education is of the upmost importance. For this we pride ourselves on being much more than just a childcare centre but a home to endless learning opportunities.

At Junee Kids we have a very strong focus on providing an educational program for your child to develop many of the important qualities that will ensure they are fully prepared for their transition into school life. We understand that every child is different and will have individual educational needs, therefore we design learning programs unique to the child that cater to their personalities whilst always accommodating their learning strengths and weaknesses.

At Junee Kids our holistic learning approach is influenced by a broad spectrum of theorists that are proven to help teach children important skills in working collaboratively, learning through play, using self inquiry and asking questions. We believe that by incorporating these theories into our teaching approach, each child will have equal opportunity to learn effectively in a number of ways most suitable to their unique learning behaviours. The National Early Years Learning Frameworks is our foremost guide.

As we believe that using several educational theorists to guide our practice is beneficial and practical there are a number of standout theorists which resonate strongly with Junee Kids.

Theory’s and Philosophy’s used at Junee Kids


We use Malguzzi’s theory which is used at the Reggio Emilia centres in Italy. We follow his theory and therefore like to be joint researchers with the child, learning together. At Junee Kids we, like Malaguzzi, have a clear image of the child being capable, curious, powerful, creative, competent, full of potential and beautiful.
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Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner believed that when children take part in play it prepares them for the future. That’s why at Junee Kids your children will be involved with gardening, cooking and cleaning. Our play based programs are developed from Steiner’s theory that allows children to concentrate, be inventive and adaptable. We follow Steiner’s approach of creating beautiful natural environments with little use of plastic.
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Maria Montesorri

At Junee Kids we follow Maria Montesorri’s advice stating “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and it’s not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” For this reason we take care with our selection of resources and activities. We encourage children to have an inquisitive mind and select self-correcting equipment and puzzles for your child to learn from.
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Lev Vygotsky

In our educational program we use the wisdom of Lev Vygotsky. We look at a child’s prior knowledge, interests, understanding and program accordingly. We encourage children to question and appreciate language in all forms. This plays a central role in a child’s cognitive development. Books, music and the written words are evident throughout the centre.
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At Junee Kids our educators have learnt the educational theories developed by Piaget.  We know children learn through play and experimentation. Our rooms are set up so a child can discover and learn. We work with children based on their developmental level with an understanding of age appropriate practices.

Our educators use theories such as ‘High Scope’ which was developed in Michigan USA to encourage children to become decision makers and problem solvers, helping them to develop traits that enable them to learn the skills to become a successful student.
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Magda Gerber

The babies at Junee Kids are nurtured and cared for following Magda Gerber’s wise words used in the ‘Rie’ approach. “ It’s not good enough that babies receive good care. The care must be EXCELLENT”. At Junee Kids we follow Magda’s advice and show respect for each and every child.
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At Junee Kids we use multiple theorists to guide our educators to educate and care for your child in the best way possible. We subscribe to ‘Positive Psychology Techniques’ with children and educators to promote resilience in all stages of life. We work to have a happy centre acknowledging life is not always easy and working together to overcome problems. Resilience is an important life skill we teach children. For this reason we have a physically challenging playground, take children on excursions and pose difficult educational tasks. We read and train in positive psychology to improve all aspects of life for children, educators and parents.