Educational Program and Practice at Junee Kids

Our Preschool Room at Junee Kids prides itself in providing a high quality preschool program rich with learning opportunities. Lead by a University Trained Teacher and highly qualified staff to assist. The program focuses on key areas which children need prior to their first year of formal schooling.

The transition to school program will be ran for those going to school the following year. Our teachers will work closely with local school staff to ensure that the transition to school is smooth, positive and inclusive for all children attending Junee Kids.

Our practice is guided by our The Early Years Learning Framework and this allows all children to be working towards crucial learning outcomes to set them up for success in their learning journey.

Farm Project:
Our facilities are equipped with enough land for us to implement a project approach focusing on farming, sustainability and seasonal growing patterns. The children will be able to immerse themselves in learning about their world and aspects of self sufficient living. They will learn about simple changes which can positively impact their world such as waste reduction, water usage and collection, compost and caring for a number of animals which will reside at Junee Kids.
The animals will have their own area to live and the children will assist the educators in caring for them by being involved in feeding, collecting eggs, collecting food scraps for them and ensuring they have a safe environment to live and thrive.